Discover Corfu while sailing from the water.

Sail with a skipper - along the Greek coast and experience the best vacation

Corfu sailing that is totally sailing in Corfu. Sailing in Corfu is particularly easy. Many authentic ports, picturesque beaches and secluded bays make sailing in Corfu unique. Thanks to experienced skippers, this wonderful sailing area with the offer of Corfu sailing is accessible to everyone: from beginners to experienced sailors, yacht charter, flotilla or co-sailing offer the right offer.

Sail along with skipper - for friends and families

Just have a relaxing time on the water with friends and family. Our experienced skipper will take you to the most beautiful bays and beaches in the Ionian Sea.

Sail the flotilla - experience more together

Flotilla sailing from Corfu is a relaxed and unique sailing experience for experienced sailors, freshly-baked skippers and beginners – everyone who wants to experience more together.

Charter yachts and catamarans from Corfu

Choose from a handpicked selection of fully equipped, lovingly furnished, well-groomed and maintained sailing yachts and catamarans from Corfu.

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Do you have any plans this summer?

How about a sailing trip alongside the coast of Corfu?

My guests keep telling me, “nowhere is it easier to relax than on a ship”. And they are absolutely right. When you leave the harbor, you immediately leave all stress behind. You are simply AWAY.

By ship you have everything you would have in a holiday home BUT you have the sea right around you , you can jump in, snorkel, dive or with a bit of luck even watch turtles and dolphins. 

Not a long drive to the beach. No search for a parking space. No crowds of tourists or towel-reserved hotel loungers. I know exactly when which beach is empty and I sail you there. We will head directly to many beautiful destinations, which you can then visit from the port. You can relax or tackle during the journey. In any case, you don’t have to wriggle through Greek traffic. 

In short, on a sailing vacation you get everything you would have in a hotel or holiday home vacation – just without stress – but with a large portion of  exclusivity and individuality.

Sailing in Corfu is a holiday with all facets

Whether you want to relax or experience something, you can decide for yourself how your vacation should look like by ship.

Bathing on the beach or from the ship
Snorkeling in the clear sea
Standup paddling
Explore caves
Inflatable ride
Enjoy the sun
Get involved yourself
Spend the night under the stars
Visit Greek coastal towns
Marvel at turtles and dolphins

Relaxed sailing in the Ionian Sea

Simple conditions in the sea area around Corfu

When I talk to people who want to go on a sailing trip, everyone is concerned about the same thing, what if I get sick? But here I can calm you down. The sea around Corfu is extremely landlubber-friendly 😉
Calm sea, little wind and my many years of experience as a skipper make seasickness almost impossible. You don't have to worry about ebb and flow or sudden strong wind phenomena like the Bora in Croatia. Everything relaxed! Everything simple!

Years of experience as a skipper

I grew up on the water. From the Baltic Sea across the Atlantic – and now traveling in the Ionian Sea, I know my way around there very well. I steer the ship as it is most comfortable for all guests.

Calm sea around Corfu

Due to the ideal geographical location for sailing boats and the excellent weather conditions, the sea around Corfu is extremely calm in the summer season. There are neither tides nor surprising strong winds!  

Easy routing

Short or long daily stages? Stop for a swim or spontaneously spend the night in the next bay? No problem! Numerous options make route planning and changing straightforward! 


We'll be back soon!

The Corfu sailing guests are delighted

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Better than the Baltic Sea 



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