Flotilla sailing

Sail in the flotilla and discover the Ionian Sea together

Flotilla sailing from Corfu is a relaxed and unique sailing experience for families, couples, singles and groups of sailors. Corfu is ideal for flotillas. Numerous islands, harbors and bays are waiting to be discovered. Thanks to experienced flotilla escort skipper, you won’t miss the smallest details of this beautiful area.

Flotilla sailing is ideal for:

As a sailor with a sailing license (e.g. RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal, comparable or higher), you can take the helm yourself and receive daily information about the route, weather conditions, sights and suitable bathing stops during the flotilla during the morning briefing. After leaving, you can explore the Ionian Islands on your own. With the daily district tips you are like an old hand who has been coming to Corfu for years. At the same time, you have the security that the escort ship is only a call or radio call away. If necessary, you will receive support at the destination ports when mooring.

As a beginner, even without any sailing experience or if you just want to sail relaxed, you can take part in the flotilla with your crew on the escort ship. My experience as a skipper and sailing instructor is also available to you and your sailing experience personally during your sailing day. The skipper not only assumes responsibility for the ship and crew, he also teaches you how to sail. At the destination port you will be the first on site and can swim extensively, make Greek port locations unsafe or watch the exciting “port cinema”.

How does flotilla sailing work off Corfu?

It is a widespread but wrong assumption that all yachts in a flotilla swim or sail in succession like a family of geese. As a participant in the flotilla, you can enjoy all the freedom of a sailing trip during the day, regardless of whether you are looking for exciting sailing experiences or the perfect beach for a swim. Adults should be able to swim and have some fitness.

A flotilla is the ideal introduction to independent sailing for freshly baked skippers who want to take the helm for the first time. It is ideally suited for anyone who has never been on a sailing boat and would like to go on the escort ship and simply want to gain experience. Experienced sailors can have more fun sailing in the community and benefit from my years of experience in the area. Sailing yachts and catamarans are modern charter ships that are fully equipped.

Flotilla events!

Regardless of whether you are an old hand or a newcomer, everyone can take part in the events together: regardless of whether they are having dinner together, barbecuing the flotilla or special events for children such as a pirate party or the “Baptism of Odysseus”


Is this now “Ringelpietz with hands”? or “animators on the beach”? … by no means!



When booking the guests, I look at who is coming. Are they families with children? Couples, singles or groups? Accordingly, I think of suitable events. However, the whole thing will always be casual and rather spontaneous, because nothing is more beautiful than the living freedom of a sailing trip.


This picture (above) was taken during the first Corfu sailing flotilla in the 2019 season and the idea for it was born the winter before when preparing for the flotilla trip: As a child, I became a “table tennis lover” at the Neptune christening on the Baltic Sea Hammerhead shark ”christened – a unique unforgettable experience. For the first Corfu sailing flotilla, in which 4 families with children participated, I naturally took over the baptism of the children as Poseidon.

That costs Corfu sailing flotilla

The Corfu sailing flotilla is intended for all yachts available and booked through this website. Regardless of whether you drive the ship yourself or let our experienced skipper guide you. A typical charter contract is concluded for booking the yacht. I know these yachts inside and out, the owners and charterers personally, have checked their quality and can therefore provide advice and assistance along the way.

Sailor with a sailing license

“Flotilla” service with morning briefing, support for mooring and doffing and participation in events:                        EUR 200.00 per week per ship

Sailors without a sailing license

Sailing trip for up to 11 people with ship guidance by experienced skippers and in addition the events of the flotilla:        1,000.00 EUR / week per ship

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