New record with Ixylon in Corfu: 11.5 knots!

Ixylon sailing Corfu on May 26th

I was out on the sea with my Ixylon at Corfu yesterday. Despite extremely rough conditions with abruptly starting and additionally strong gusts of wind (turn of wind direction in the gust) I could not resist. My Ixylon had to get out on the water off Corfu. This time with skipper Phil, who is a permanent skipper on a catamaran in Corfu. But despite the experienced support, we couldn’t get out of the bay of Gouvia. The wind force of approx. 30 knots at the top of the gusts might have been manageable, but the gusts started so suddenly from a low mean wind of approx. 15 knots that it was simply not manageable and we stopped sailing after only 15 minutes.

Dates Ixylon sailing Corfu on May 26th


The graphic shows the distance covered with the colour of the route in the bay of Gouvia in Corfu at the speed at which we were travelling. That was of course a very nice “Rumbling eggs” as you can see from the tracking. In the diagram below you can see the speed during the few minutes and a total distance of 1.4 kilometres.

Due to the rough conditions, the ride was more like riding a cannonball than relaxing sailing fun with the Ixylon off Corfu. After the inevitable “tea bags” and a turn we aimed back towards the beach. One speaks of “tea bags” when, as in the video, the canopy in the trapeze slips on the sidewall and then hangs in the water like a teabag. That was a short tour, but it will definitely be repeated. On the way back to the beach, my record with Ixylon off Corfu equalized from the week before last from 10.5 knots to 11.5 knots. But as far as that is concerned, the last word has not yet been spoken.

Sailing with Ixylon off Corfu is not a joint sailing trip

Just a hint: I don’t do this kind of sailing campaign with guests and certainly not with beginners on my sailing trips. While a leisurely ride out of the harbour in light wind with a double and triple secured yacht is an exciting experience for laymen, I need a little more wind on my private trips to achieve the same enthusiasm. You have to constantly expand your own limits to be fit as a skipper. For this I take my private Ixylon for sailing off Corfu. You can feel every mistake immediately and have to react in a fraction of a second in order not to return to the beach infractions. An Ixylon is a dinghy and can capsize (overturn). For this, you will be rewarded with more speed and therefore more fun during active sporty sailing. And we had plenty of fun sailing off Corfu with my Ixylon!


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