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Yacht charter in Corfu: rent a sailboat for the Ionian Sea

Stable weather, easy navigation and protected territory result in a relaxed sailing holiday

Why a yacht charter in Corfu? Many sailors who come to Corfu and charter a yacht do this over and over again. What advantages does a yacht charter in Corfu offer over other areas in Greece and the Mediterranean? Stable weather, light and especially thermal winds make chartering a sailing yacht a safe and relaxed experience. Due to the location of the Ionian Islands off the coast, the Ionian Sea is a well-protected and very family-friendly sailing area with no special requirements due to tides, currents or swell. The navigation can take place with a view of imposing mountain ranges on the Ionian Islands and the coastal mountains. Yacht charter in Corfu is that easy.


The handpicked selection for yacht charter in Corfu

Use my experience for your yacht charter!

As a skipper in Corfu , I have many years of experience in the market, both on the private and professional side. I know all of the yachts presented here on this website “personally” . I know them inside and out and most of them have already sailed and can honestly recommend them for a yacht charter in Corfu . I work closely with the respective owners or charter companies. I know and appreciate the colleagues who regularly maintain the yachts and clean them inside and out every week. It is a small but fine selection :


From the 10 meter starter model to the 21 meter luxury catamaran, there is something for every taste and budget. There are deliberately no yachts from large charter companies. This offer is determined by charterers, who work personally for your guests and you can feel it, as a guest and as a skipper. My favorite yacht? Exactly the one that suits your vacation!

Large selection of sailing yachts for yacht charter in Corfu, picturesque ports and great hospitality

While Marina Gouvia offers over 1,000 sailing boats from numerous charter providers for yacht charter in Corfu, only authentic Greek ports are located in the wider area, one of which is more picturesque than the other. Few ports charge a port fee at all. Anchoring in bays is basically free of charge, there are no paid mooring buoys like in Croatia. The hospitality of the Greek hosts is legendary. The taverns offer a mix of seafood, fish and Greek meat dishes.


The port of Longos on Paxos is simply idyllic and easy to reach by yacht charter from Corfu!

The ideal yacht for charter in Corfu!

Which yacht suits your sailing vacation?

A yacht

You can choose from yachts of all sizes for yacht charter in Corfu. Here you can let your mind wander, talk shop on deck or specify the course yourself. A yacht leans with the wind, so there is a little bit of adventure involved.

A catamaran

The luxury variant for your trip. Again, you can choose between many types of yacht charter in Corfu. In the catamaran, the kitchen and lounge are on deck, so you only have to forego the view of the horizon to sleep.

Find the tailor-made yacht at the yacht charter in Corfu!

How do I choose the right sailing boat for me and my crew?

How do I find the right sailing yacht for my sailing vacation? The most important question not only for the yacht charter Corfu is above all the right size: how many crew members will come along and how should the cabins be divided. For sea-going yachts, the 10-meter class is the entry with yachts by 33 feet into the sailboat charter. There are two double cabins on these yachts and offer enough space for 4 people. Due to the ever wider sterns in modern yacht construction, 2 double cabins are also possible aft, so together with the bow cabin 6 people can be accommodated in these yachts with approx. 10 to 11 meters. If two toilets and shower rooms are to be accommodated instead of a wet room, the length is 12 meters or 40 feet. Yachts from 13 meters can accommodate up to 8 people and the most spacious and luxurious yachts of this selection are designed for 10 people over 17 meters in length. In the case of catamarans, the structure is somewhat more differentiated, simply directly to the overview of all catamarans.

Experiences yacht charter in Corfu

With a yacht charter in Corfu you can not make any mistakes as far as the area is concerned, as long you are choosing the right charter provider. If you want to rent a sailboat in Corfu, you are faced with an almost confusing selection of charter companies, among which some black sheep hide. I have been coming to Corfu since 2010 and have had both good and bad experiences renting sailboats.

A newcomer to the district does not necessarily have to experience the negative experiences. By the way, flotilla sailing is perfect for the newcomer who wants to charter a yacht in Corfu.

I would be happy to advise you on the right yacht!

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